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Enter the Chaos Scar

This space will help us organize and chronical the fill-in adventure while Robert is not regularly available. We had our first game on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Most of the night was spent on character creation. With a quick beginning to the adventure beginning with 4 heros meeting up at Restwell Keep

The party so far:
Joseph: Ericore, a tiefling artificier (leader).
Micah: Ruz, a changeling warlock (striker).
Miyani: Falchion (pronounced: fal-KEY-on), a warforged battlemind (defender).
Morgan: Ahten, a human psion (controller).

If you can, add your character on the Character’s tab. Feel free to add as much description text as you come up with.

The adventure log is where we will try to chronicle the adventure as it unfolds.

Home Page

Terminator in the Chaos Scar Rahne